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Spirit and Knowledge of the Shinobi

What is Shinobijutsu?

  • Small-scale techniques are protecting yourself, your family, and area, and large-scale, protecting of your nation.
  • Techniques to gather information daily to maintain peace, and respond with courage and speed to change.
  • The techniques of intelligence, of gathering, operations, destruction, war strategy.
  • The Military techniques of the shinobi (gunyou shinobi), which were developed independently and were transmitted from ancient times.

Mental Attitude of the Shinobi:

  • YAIBANOSHITANIKOKORO : The Mind under the blade.
  • OTOMONAKUNIOIMONAKUYUUMEIMONASI (FUKAKIFUCHINOGOTOSHI), SONOKOU, TENCHIZOUKANOGOTOSHI : Without noise, sound, fame, or valor (like the depths of a river/pool); that merit, like the creation of heaven and earth.
  • KAJYOUCHIKIJYOU : Mercy of the Flowers and the character of bamboo.
  • MESSHIHOUKOU : Subduing one’s desire and serving the public/for greater good
  • MUGEIMUMEI : Artless and nameless
  • RENCHIKEPPAKU : Humility and purity
  • HISSHIKAKUGO : Prepare for death
  • NINCHIMOKKOU : Meditation on your own conscience

Shinobi Requirements

  • Honesty and patience.
  • Agile body.
  • Sharp mind.

Three Diseases of the Shinobi

  • Fear.
  • Looking down, Regret.
  • Overthinking.

What is the Unchanging Heart?

  • Possessing an invulnerable mind regardless of the circumstances. .